How Relationship Coaching Works

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I'm a Co-Active Relationship Coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute.


Co-Active Coaching balances relationship intelligence with transformative action.  This means deeper human connections, higher achievement and spiritual fulfillment.


Step 1 - Get Curious


Step 1 begins our coaching relationship with a FREE sample coaching session, either in person or over the telephone/Skype.


  • In this session we talk about what you need and how relationship counselling works.  I will also coach you on a single issue that’s present for you right now, so you can experience the benefits coaching can bring to your life.


  • This is also an opportunity to ask questions you have about coaching.


Step 2 - Get Aware


At Step 2, I recommend several ‘discovery’ and relationship building sessions.  Here we will:


Define and establish our coaching relationship by:


  • Setting boundaries for our relationship and exploring how realtionship counselling works.


  • Establishing what motivates you and how you'd like to work with me.


  • Unearth your values and beliefs by using a variety of tools that mine for useful information about yourself, such as visualization techniques and inquiry through questioning.


  • Using active listening techniques that provide me  insight into your personality, thoughts, actions, possible obstacles to progress and common patterns of behavior.


  • Establishing what your goals and desired outcomes are from our time together.



Step 3 - Get Going!


At Step 3, we begin to walk our journey together.  This involves:


  • Each session, identifying and tackling obstacles in our way.


  • Summarizing our new position and the way forward between sessions.


  • Utilizing tools that provide a variety of perspectives on a problem or issue.


  • Taking action based on these perspectives.


  • Recording and monitoring our progress and actions.


  • Holding each other accountable at all times.


  • Being committed to each other and the process at all times.


  • Working with your inner-critic (or inner-child) and taking steps to overcome any fears you have.


  • Building your self-confidence and self-esteem and work towards you becoming fully self-reliant.


  • Learning how to be self-compassionate.


  • Each session walking away with a new perspective, customized tools to support your goals, achievable challenges with added accountability, and clear steps toward your intended outcomes.



I have offices that are specifically equipped for coaching.  However, Relationship Counselling is just as effective over the telephone as it is face-to-face. This means wherever you are in the world – I can coach you!


The life coaching process takes time and commitment. My clients usually work with me over the long term, making amazing transformative changes and living wonderfully fulfilling lives!

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I'm happy to discuss your coaching requirements and tailor a program to suit your lifestyle. 



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"The history of the world begins with a seed. The seed is the kernal of what you are, but also the promise of what you can become".

- Kate Elliott