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"Thanks for everything you've done to help me on this journey and for being everything that you are, Matt.  I do so enjoy our sessions together - they are priceless! You have made such a difference in my life and relationships, more than you even probably realize.  Even my friends and family have noticed and commented on how much I've changed already.  Thanks to you, I know this year will be the beginning of the rest of a great life for me!”


Betty - (Vancouver, Canada).

"After many years of marriage, we'd fallen out of love somewhat.  It was such a sad feeling and we were desperately looking for some help in finding love for each other again.  We are so blessed to have found Matt!  He is a really skilled Couple's Counsellor with a warm heart and comforting style.  The changes we experienced with Matt were amazing and we can never thank Matt enough for helping our relationship thrive again!"


Don and Joan (Seattle, USA).

Couples Counsellor Vancouver
Relationship Counselling Vancouver

"Matt is an outstanding Relationship Counsellor.  His warm presence and empathetic approach blends equal parts of supportive listening with an ability to make his clients get positive results.  We are eternally grateful to Matt for helping us see what needed fixing in our relationship, then giving us the support and tools to help heal it.  Today we are hopelessly in love again and fully recommend Matt as your Couple's Counsellor."


Jack and Christine (London, United Kingdom).

"I can honestly say that as each day that goes by, I've never been happier!  I definitely lost my happiness last year and I'm most definitely scared to lose it again, but now I know I won't.  I know I can't because I know better now.   I also know I deserve to give myself the best of me.  I know I always deserve my love.  I would never have been able to dig through the big, deep and gritty parts of myself without my Relationship Counsellor, Matt.  Discovering and processing all that I have has been huge.  I can never repay Matt enough for being present, understanding and supportive of me in ways I'll never forget!"


Teresa - (Ottawa, Canada).

Relationship Counselling Vancouver
Couples Counselling Vancouver

"The Relationship Coaching is great!  Matt is a very positive person, which is infectious, and I could feel the passion for his craft in his voice.  Matt really pays attention to small details and was able to identify my relationship goals and desires that I'd not actually stated.  Matt's approach and demeanor are friendly and reassuring, making me feel we had developed a rapport in the first few minutes of our telephone call.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you hire Matt as your Relationship Coach & Counsellor."


Karl - (Dallas, USA).

"I'm still working on giving and receiving positive affirmations for myself and others, but I wouldn't even be close to that if it weren't for Matt.  Matt is knowledgeable and passionate about his craft and is a fantastic Relationship Counsellor.  He has insight, talent and skill when reading your innermost thoughts, feelings and "triggers" by actively listening and responding in a manner that evokes trust, compassion and understanding."


Annette - (Vancouver, Canada).

Therapy Counselling Vancouver
Relationship Therapy Vancouver

"Our time with Matt was truly life changing.  With his help and guidance, we were able to raise our vibration to a point where we felt like we were in love again.  He was not only supportive but he has a heart and a sense of humor that you can really relate to.  He has the ability to bring out your strengths, and with that, you can truly soar!  We will be forever grateful."


Tara and Derek - (Toronto, Canada).

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