Relationship Coaching FAQ's

1. What is Relationship Coaching?


Coaching is a process of guidance and facilitation, whereby a highly skilled professional (the coach) uses active listening, inquiry, powerful questioning and a variety of other tools and techniques.  The aim is to support to the person they are working with (the client) in different aspects of their life.


Coaching also aims to build self-confidence, motivate, and empower the client to take control of their lives.

It can be an incredibly powerful and transformative process that changes people’s lives in amazing ways!


My clients have done extraordinary things.  Read my testimonials by clicking here



2. What can I expect from you?


In short, a relationship like no other you've experienced before! The relationship between coach and client is key to the whole process.  It should be safe, confidential, trustworthy, dynamic, powerful, challenging and unique.


Although the relationship between coach and client is primarily a professional one, the conversations that take place can be of a very personal nature.  A highly skilled coach is able to create an environment where these conversations can take place.


3. Why should I hire a Relationship Coach?


At some point in our lives most of us begin to adopt patterns of behavior that aren't helpful to us.

We get "stuck" into a certain way of thinking and repeat the same patterns of behavior.  This is very normal and is part of the human condition. 


The job of a coach is to make their clients aware of their behaviors, then motivate and support change.

It's very important that the coach allows to clients to make their own discoveries and doesn’t give advice, as this is what makes the process powerful.




4. What does a Relationship Coach actually do?


A good coach creates a safe, confidential space where deeper conversations can happen.  Clients can feel vulnerable at many points in the process, so it is important the coach makes the client feel comfortable enough for this to happen.


It's a relationship that requires lots of trust, care and attention.  It also requires the coach to be fully committed to their clients.



5. How much does it cost?


My prices are reasonable, competitive and represent great value for the services I provide.  Please contact me for these details.




6. How do I know you if you are a reputable coach?


I'm very experienced and qualified in teaching, mentoring, counselling and coaching.  You can see visit my credentials page for these details. 




7. What do your clients say about you?


I regularly have dialogue with my clients regarding our relationships and how I am serving them.  You can check out my testimonials page for examples of what my clients say about me.




8. How long would I need coaching for?


That depends on what you want to work on, how complex the issue is and if it something that requires longer term support or not.  This is something different for every client and something I advise you on at the outset.


What the coaching does require is commitment, so regardless of your situation, I would always recommend at least 3 months of work together.  In addition, because this work is relationship based, any relationship needs some time for it to develop to be effective.



9. Can't I just read some self-help books instead?


First, a book cannot hold you accountable.  You can always put it down!  A coaching commitment requires you to show up and act on what you say you'll act on.


Second, the exercises in a book can seem lifeless, lack clarity and may require demonstration and application. This is where a good coach is highly skilled.


Third, the exercises in any book are very general and are not tailored to your needs, so they may not be as effective, or even suitable.  At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and coaching is the best investment you can ever make - because it's in YOURSELF!



10. How is coaching different from therapy or counselling?


Although the skills used by a coach and a therapist can sometimes be similar, they adopt very different methodologies and modalities.  Therapy is aimed at healing trauma and deeper rooted psychological conditions, such as addictions, physical abuse or sexual abuse.  Coaching is geared toward people who can function in a relatively healthy way and are simply struggling with the everyday things in life we all do.


You can read more about my process by visiting the How Relationship Coaching Works page on this site.




11. What if I hire you and I don't like it?


I am confident in my experience, qualifications and abilities as a trained professional to do this work. For this reason, I do not offer refunds for any money spent on coaching.




12. Can I work with you over the phone or skype?


Absolutely!  In fact, studies have shown that life coaching over the phone or Skype can be equally, if not more effective than face-to-face coaching. 


Although I am based in Vancouver, BC, I have coached clients over Skype from all over the world!




13. How do I pay you?


I accept cash or cheque. I also accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and Debit Cards.  This is particularly convenient for clients who wish to be coached by Skype or Phone.



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- Joyce Chapman