10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Feeling Stuck in Your Career


Do you feel stuck in your career?

Often when you feel stuck it's like going around in circles. This is because we often ask ourselves negative statements rather than powerful questions.

For example; I don't know what to do. I'm not sure what my options are. I don't feel I can make a change. I'm not sure there's anything out there in my field.

This kind of thinking reinforces your feeling of being stuck and increases your chances of staying stuck.

Working as a career counseller in Vancouver, I often meet clients who are experiencing this issue.

One thing to remember is that your thoughts lead to feelings, which form beliefs that lead to behaviors that bring us certain outcomes.

For example, you might think: "I'm not able to get a job in a higher paid position".

This then makes you feel: "I'm not worthy of a better career. I feel helpless and inadequate".

This then forms a belief you actually AREN'T worthy or adequate, which in turn encourages you to act out the behviors of somebody who ISN'T worthy or adequate.

You see the pattern here? Do you recognize it in yourself?

Here's a little trick to counter this kind of thinking and get unstuck.

Instead of thinking negative statements, focus on asking yourself powerful questions. Here are 10 powerful questions to ask yourself when feeling stuck in your career:

  1. What do I want my career to be?

  2. What's present now that's in the way?

  3. What's in my control?

  4. What changes can I make right away?

  5. What's time critical about this change?

  6. What support do you need to change?

  7. What do I do well that's serving me?

  8. What do I wish to be known for?

  9. How do I get known for this?

  10. How will I know I'm successful?

These questions are certainly not definitive by any means, and you can adapt or change them to suit your needs.

The point here is a shift in thinking. Approaching the feeling of stuck with a different viewpoint.

There is always a way out to something new. The only thing in your way is yourself!

Good luck!


Matt Turner is the owner of Seeds Coaching and Career Counselling Vancouver.

He is a Vancouver Life Coach for Professional Women and trained by The Coaches Training Institute.

He specializes working with women in career transition and helps women run their own business.

Life coaching, career coaching or relationship coaching can happen effectively face to face, or over the phone. And technology allows coaching to happen over Skype at zero cost! See how it works here.

Make that call today! Contact Matt for a free, no obligation coaching session and see how you can change your job, change your career and change your life!

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