Why do I coach professional women?

This is a question I am often asked. I think I'm asked it because I'm a man who believes in equality (yes, we do exist, but I don't see many of us shouting about it).

So, why do I coach professional women?

First, I don't only coach women. I've worked with a handful of male clients in the past, and will continue to do so in the future if it’s a good fit.

Second, I don't refer to my clients as my 'target niche' or 'specialty'. I think these terms sound too clichéd and businesslike.

Yes, we all want to make a living, but I learned a long time ago that following your heart is important. If you excel at something you love, then you will be adequately (or even handsomely) rewarded at a later date. I think my time as a successful stand-up comedian taught me this.

The number one reason I do what I do is because it fulfills me, its highly rewarding and I firmly believe in the clients I service.

The buzz of changing somebodies life and facilitating their pursuit of admirable values and goals, is just like stepping off a stage after making 400 people laugh!

When I started coaching it just so happened that my clients were overwhelmingly women with established careers in all sorts of professional and creative fields.

It also occurred that all my clients were seeking similar things. More self-confidence, the opportunity to make a difference in the world, the chance to change relationships at work and play.

Most importantly, these values aligned to mine and I got the most enjoyment from working with my female clients.

From my experience, women clients tend to show up more. They are not shy of expression. They want change more readily, and they are more emotionally intelligent. The coaching is simply richer, more fruitful and transformative.

Finally, my role models in life have tended to be overwhelmingly women from an early age. My Mother, my Grandmother and my teachers to name but three. These people had an enormous impact on my formative years and could be the topic of another blog post, and even a book!

In today's modern society, we simply need more women in leadership roles, in business and in society in general. Our future sociological and economical endeavors are dependent on that.

I hope this gives an authentic insight into me, my business and my values.

Until next time, thank you and be well.

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