In one word, what topic would you most like a conversation about?

We've all been to the seminar with a ton of PowerPoint slides. We've all read the article on 5 ways to solve something or other. We've all seen the offer for this and that. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s have a conversation about one word. Here's how it works. Take a minute to close your eyes, be still and think about this; If you had infinite time, a completely safe space free of fear, and you felt at your most powerful and confident, what one single topic you'd like to talk about? Boil this topic down to one single word that resonates with you most. Thinking about who you'd have the conversation with, where you'd have this conversation and why you'd have it might help you. Now here's the cool part. All you do is post your one word topic in the comments below.

Try not to let what others have posted beforehand influence you. Follow your gut, your instinct, and what resonates with you the most. So, post one single word below. The more of you wonderful, powerful women do this, the better. Why? Well, I will collate all your words and make a super word cloud from them! We can then see the visual results together. It gets cooler! I'm planning to do this with other women orientated social media groups and blogs around the web. I'll collate as I go and make more word clouds, ultimately making one huge powerful female storm cloud to show what's emanating from your hearts! Fun huh!? So, what you are you waiting for!? In one word, what topic would you most like a conversation about? GO!

Matt Turner is the owner of Seeds Coaching and Career Counselling Vancouver.

He is a Vancouver Life Coach for Professional Women and trained by The Coaches Training Institute.

He specializes working with women in career transition and helps women run their own business.

Life coaching, career coaching or relationship coaching can happen effectively face to face, or over the phone. And technology allows coaching to happen over Skype at zero cost! See how it works here.

Make that call today! Contact Matt for a free, no obligation coaching session and see how you can change your job, change your career and change your life!

See testimonials from women just like you by clicking here.

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