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"I'm committed to healing your pain, easing your struggle and giving you hope for a better, happier and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and with others."


Matt Turner - Relationship Coach and Couples Counsellor


Hello and welcome.


My name is Matt Turner and I'm a Relationship Coach & Couples Counsellor in Vancouver, BC.


If you're here because you need help with your relationship, then you've come to the right place. 


It saddens me that other human beings feel they are alone and have to struggle by themselves.  This is why I became a dedicated Relationship Counsellor.


Being in a difficult relationship can be scary, disorientating and painful.  I know through my own personal experience and training that relationships can be hard.  Sometimes you don't know where to turn.


Using proven tools and techniques, I have helped and supported many individuals and couples find peace, joy and fulfillment within themselves and their relationships.


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How I can help you...


You're possibly seeking Relationship Counselling or Couples Counselling because of the following:


  • You find communicating with your partner difficult and despairing.


  • Arguments and conflict with your partner are commonplace.


  • You are unable to understand or express what you really feel.


  • Fights with your partner are hurtful and painful.


  • You are suffering from a painful relationship break up.


  • You feel sad and alone.


  • You are struggling to meet somebody and find dating difficult. 


  • You are longing to escape your own destructive thoughts.


  • You want a happy relationship with yourself and others.



I'll support you individually and as a couple by skilfully, safely and confidentially working toward successfully healing your relationship wounds and easing your personal struggles.



After working with me you will feel:


  • Hopeful and joyful about the future for you and your partner.


  • Better about being able to cope and thrive when challenges arise.


  • Fully equipped with solid and reliable tools to help you move forward.


  • Knowledgeable of yourself and your partner's habits.


  • Personally fulfilled and at peace with your relationship journey.


  • Confident, happy and ready to make your relationship a whole lot




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